Third Party Logistics

SW Group are an experienced 3PL provider. We offer scalable distribution and logistics services for customers who require an integrated solution for their logistical challenges.

At SW Group our flexible, responsive service has developed beyond straightforward haulage and storage. We have incorporated the latest computerised Transport and Freight Logistics to add real value and deliverable results in the supply chain.

Services include adding value to the product as it passes through the distribution channel; preparing the product in readiness for the assembly line; quality assurance activities and product rework. We are fully agile and can respond to customer needs in an instant. Contact us with your logistical challenges and see what our experienced and friendly teams can do to help you.

As a BS EN ISO9002 accredited business, we firmly believe in working closely with our customers. We are committed to long term partnerships and understanding operational needs and evolving requirements.

We bring greater efficiencies to supply chains with new ideas and innovative solutions. By constantly seeking best practice in our own processes, we can suggest ways to enhance and improve customer operations.

Our priority is ensuring supply chain excellence and providing the most cost-effective solutions to our customers. We aim to provide the best and most cost effective solution for your needs.

  • JIT automotive logistics
  • Pre-assembly line production
  • Product rework
  • Stock Control with FIFO
  • Quality control
  • Diagnosis and testing
  • Regional Consolidation Services
  • Co-packing kitting and assembly
  • Labeling and bagging